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   Below is an alphabetical encyclopedia of nutritional treatments and therapies for a wide range of common ailments ranging from cancer to osteoporosis.

   It is a practical A-to-Z reference to drug-free remedies using vitamins, minerals, herbs & food supplements from CaliVita.

   It's like a comprehensive guide to nutritional, herbal, and complementary therapies for more than 200 health conditions. Arranged in alphabetical order, it's a useful ready-reference tool, although it also referencing a good list of bibliography/articles.


   In order to find e-prescription for any given ailment name select its first (starting) letter from the dropdown list below. For example: if you're looking for information about Acne choose: "Ailments starting with letter A" from the dropdown list below. Once you do this you'll be transferred to the page with a list of ailments starting with letter A and by using arrows presented on the tab list you can scroll to the required content information. Alternatively you can click on any of the links below and you will be transferred to exactly the same pages as in the dropdown menu.


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e-Prescriptions for ailments starting with letter A


Ailment names starting with letter: A

(Please select from the scrollable list or from an alphabetical list below it)


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Addison's Disease



Alzheimer's Disease


Anaemia (Elderly)





Ailment names starting with letter: B


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Ailment names starting with letter: D


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Ailment names starting with letter: C


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